A Playful Portrait Session.

Portrait photography encompasses a vast spectrum of creativity. It’s an opportunity to capture the essence, emotions, and moments of an individual’s life in a snapshot. It can be as structured or as playful as the muse allows. Take a recent session I had with Adrienne.

Adrienne, unlike conventional clients, was not interested in a standard portrait. She had this captivatingly long, straight hair, and her idea was to play with it. The brief was simple, yet challenging: create portraits that encapsulate the motion and spirit of her hair, rather than just its static beauty.

To achieve this, we needed more than just Adrienne’s hair. Enter: the hair dryer. A simple household tool we often overlook. Yet, when incorporated into our photography session, it turned into a powerful device to manifest creativity.

We set the scene indoors to maintain a controlled environment. The backdrop was neutral, ensuring Adrienne and her flying tresses remained the focal point. With the hair dryer plugged in and ready, we began our experiment.

Positioning the hair dryer at different angles, we managed to send Adrienne’s hair soaring in various directions. Sometimes it billowed above her like a halo, other times it danced around her face in chaotic yet beautiful patterns. Every gust from the hair dryer introduced a new form, a new motion, and a new emotion.

There were moments of pure joy, when Adrienne couldn’t help but laugh as her hair wrapped itself around her. The results were nothing short of mesmerizing. Every frame told a different story. Each photograph captured not just Adrienne’s hair in motion but also a spectrum of her emotions: from playful and spirited to introspective and calm. The hair dryer, combined with Adrienne’s spirit and the click of the camera, transformed a simple concept into dynamic art.

Adrienne’s session is a testament to the fact that portrait photography isn’t limited to stern faces or corporate settings. It can be lively, fun, and an exploration of oneself. A tool as mundane as a hair dryer can challenge the norms of what we perceive portrait photography to be and turn it into a session filled with giggles, windswept hair, and unparalleled memories.

Next time you think of portrait photography, remember: it’s not just about capturing faces, but also about capturing the essence, the moment, and sometimes, the wild dance of tresses against the force of a hair dryer.

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