Bespoke Portraits

Timeless Presence

  • Personalization: “Bespoke” signifies that each portrait is tailor-made. Every session is adapted to suit the unique personality, story, and wishes of the client.
  • Mobility and Flexibility: With the added benefit of a mobile studio, your portrait photography is no longer confined to a fixed location. This ensures you have the luxury of choosing their preferred environment, be it their home, office, or a special place, making each session even more personal and convenient.
  • Enduring Quality: “Timeless Presence” speaks to the lasting impact of the portraits. The photographs aren’t just trendy or of-the-moment but are crafted to remain relevant, touching, and beautiful across years and even generations.
  • Emotional Depth: Portraits capture more than just physical appearances. They encapsulate emotions, memories, and the very essence of the individual or moment being photographed.
  • Craftsmanship: You aren’t just getting a service; they’re receiving a piece of art, meticulously designed and executed.
  • Legacy Creation: The portraits are more than just photos; they’re heirlooms, intended to be passed down and cherished by future generations.
  • Storytelling: Each portrait tells a story, milestones, emotions, and narratives. You are not just getting a picture but a visual representation of your journey.

Singapore Portrait Photography Services


Everyone has a story. A personal portrait is like a page from your life’s book. Show off who you really are.

from SGD 250
1.5 hr session
3 x Retouch Photos


Families share special moments. Keep them alive with a picture that shows the love and fun times.

from SGD 450
1-2 hr session
5 x Retouch Photos


Look sharp in the business world. A good corporate photo means people take you seriously.

from $250
1.5 hr session
3 x Retouch Photos
$100 headshot special / 1 x Retouch Photo – Great for social media or resume
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